Let's get moving.

Etherlambos are non-fungible ERC721 tokens. As one of the world’s first cryptocollectibles, users can own, collect, and transfer those tokens on the blockchain. But that’s not all: We have utilized smart contracts to enable owners of Etherlambos to modify and update all digital sports cars.

There are currently six Etherlambo-models available. Etherlambos cannot be copied or destroyed. All Etherlambos come in a limited edition. Scarcity of each model is a production and design choice.

MODEL Limited supply Price
Vitalik max. 250 0.70 ETH
Satoshi max. 100 1.00 ETH
Monera max. 400 0.30 ETH
Charlie max. 200 0.50 ETH
One max. 300 0.60 ETH
T-Rex max. 150 0.40 ETH

Car placeholder image

Get creative.

Yes, upon request, we will tailor individual vehicles to suit the desire of car enthusiasts. The model “X” (you may choose the name) will be designed based on the specifications and wishes of clients, who will benefit from premium tuning-options.

It is clear that the prices of blockchain assets are volatile and that the value of Etherlambos depends on market demand, as well as the functioning of the app on the Ethereum blockchain, which we cannot guarantee. Other risks include regulatory interventions, changes of the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure or other reasons related to the legal or technical environment. We do not guarantee any value or utility of the Etherlambo tokens.